New challenge as marketer: branching out into programming

Marketing and fintech are fun, but sometimes you like to expand your knowledge and experiment in different areas. For me, this area is web development. As a copy/paste developer that knows the LAMP stack reasonable well, I decided to branch out and learn something new. Of course, you can spend most of your time deciding what to learn, and you end up in plenty of discussions about Ruby vs Python vs JavaScript and their many frameworks.

I decided to dive deeper into Python and the Flask framework. The main reason: it ‘feels OK’, it feels lean and I like how Python is clean, easy to learn and offers a mix of use cases: from data analysis to web development, etc.

Most people want to learn something to create something. However, in most cases you spend a lot of time getting your setup ready, building the most common things (login feature, database migrations) and you have to worry about how to host or deploy this. Therefore my first project on this new stack: creating a Flask App Blueprint.

With the Flask App Blueprint I want to create a basic repo that once cloned and configured gives you a powerful stack, ready to scale, that can instantly be deployed and makes you focus on creating the differentiator: your app, vs the basics.

See the GitHub repo at — let me know your comments!

The full stack:

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