About Me

I turn ideas into strong and viable products and businesses. I have a lifetime of experience with the internet, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I love travelling and playing 18 holes of golf. Working as VP Product Management at Backbase.

Jelmer de Jong is passionate about building products and companies. He is a doer with a hands-on approach who is also a results-oriented leader that sets the strategic direction. Jelmer loves startup-up culture and attitude, is customer-focused and market-aware, and thrives in environments when building teams, processes, markets, products, and companies from scratch. Jelmer is described as an ambitious entrepreneur who loves aggressive targets and has the passion to disrupt the market and status quo. He has a strong track record of leading product and marketing in B2B environments as well as high-growth software and technology companies. He is a market developer, technically savvy, and emphasizes going big when bringing products to market. Jelmer is self-directed, has excellent analytical and communication skills—both written and verbal—and is focused on measurable results.

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