Picks and shovels: infrastructure for the win

With IPOs being announced almost weekly, we get a lot of insight into how Lyft, Pinterest, Uber, etc. are spending their money. And one element they all have in common: a huge infrastructure bill. Lyft’s S-1 mentions their agreement with AWS to spend an aggregate of at least $300 million between January 2019 and December […]

The ‘no discussion’ software stack

Email and Calendar? Google AppsCommunication? SlackSimple website? WordPressNewsletter? MailChimp You’ve made it as a company if your product becomes part of the ‘no discussion’ software stack. The software stack that nobody challenges, and everyone expects to be there. The marketing engine seems to run almost by itself for the products in the ‘no discussion’ software […]

The best customer experience: no human involved

It’s something I noticed especially when traveling. Whenever I think “wow that went smoothly” or the opposite “why does this always have to be such a struggle,” it boils down to “are humans involved?” — directly impacting on the overall customer experience. Hotel check-ins are customer experience suckers #1. You make your reservation online, provide […]

Version 3 of the Startup Marketing Framework

April Dunford just published the latest version of the RocketWatcher Startup Marketing Framework. Great input for every marketer in a B2B and enterprise software / tech / SaaS company. As with previous versions, the framework does not attempt to cover things that I would consider to be more “Product Management” focused (like product roadmap for […]

The Twitter Bootstrap Effect in Startup Marketing

It’s easier than ever to create your own web- or mobile-app. Following updates on websites like Betalist and Product Hunt you see new apps literally popping up every hour. At the same time there is a tremendous wealth of resources available on making your startup or side-project a success. From lively discussions on Y-Combinator’s Hacker News, to […]