Product Management: what people don’t tell you

Being responsible for “product” as a Product Owner, Product Manager, or Product Whatever, is glorified. Job adverts describe product management as being the ‘mini-CEO’ or ‘startup founder in a corporate,’ but that is far from true and far from reality. The truth is, being in product management is not an easy or glamorous job. Below […]

The best customer experience: no human involved

It’s something I noticed especially when traveling. Whenever I think “wow that went smoothly” or the opposite “why does this always have to be such a struggle,” it boils down to “are humans involved?” — directly impacting on the overall customer experience. Hotel check-ins are customer experience suckers #1. You make your reservation online, provide […]

The Path to Product Excellence

Productboard just published a 142-page ebook on product management, including interviews with 20+ product leaders. The ebook covers multiple topics including user insights, product strategy, road mapping, and more. More info in their blog post ‘Learn from the best in our new product management eBook!’.