The moment is now for enterprise software startups

We’re in a great moment in time for enterprise software startups. Talk to anyone working in a larger company, and you know that they have many stories on the crappy software that they are using. And for that crappy software, they pay a lot of money. The moment is now for new enterprise software startups […]

The ‘no discussion’ software stack

Email and Calendar? Google AppsCommunication? SlackSimple website? WordPressNewsletter? MailChimp You’ve made it as a company if your product becomes part of the ‘no discussion’ software stack. The software stack that nobody challenges, and everyone expects to be there. The marketing engine seems to run almost by itself for the products in the ‘no discussion’ software […]

New challenge as marketer: branching out into programming

Marketing and fintech are fun, but sometimes you like to expand your knowledge and experiment in different areas. For me, this area is web development. As a copy/paste developer that knows the LAMP stack reasonable well, I decided to branch out and learn something new. Of course, you can spend most of your time deciding what to […]

How Google Works, by Eric Schmidt

Last month Eric Schmidt, who joined Google back in 2001, published the book ‘How Google Works‘, sharing what he learned after 13 years of explosive growth. The book gives a great insight in the thinking of Google and its leaders. And covers how the internet, mobile, and cloud computing has shifted the balance of power from companies […]

When do people go to bed? Insight thanks to wearable technology.

I really like how interwoven technology has become in our daily life. From computers you booted up once a day, to smartphones you use over 50 times a day, to wearable technology that is there always. Even when you sleep. One of the front-runners in this space is Jawbone. And they are publishing some interesting data […]