On Marketing

While being responsible for marketing, I never liked to call myself or introduce myself as a marketer. I felt marketing had become a bad word, something I did not want to be associated with. For too many people marketers marketing was about artificial and fake results (I’m doing good, look at my retweets!) or about non-trivial things like worrying about the color of the pen, the office interior or the position of a logo on a hoodie for employees. The marketer was the person that shipped the right booth to the tradeshow and chased the sales people to bring their business card. Not about ensuring the conference fits our focus, that the messaging is sharp, and that we measure results in $$ and optimize our strategy accordingly. Not in how many likes the picture of our booth and team gets on our corporate Facebook page.

Fuck hashtags and retweets.

Jay-Z, Tom Ford on the Magna Carta… Holy Grail album.

Good marketing can and should have a major impact on any company, on any stage: from the idea to startup to high growth and established leaders. But only when marketing has laser sharp focus and is measured on real results.

On these pages, my vision on marketing, marketing what I would call “real marketing” or “no bullshit marketing”. Most, if not all pages are in draft status, including a lot of rants, emails send to team members of answers to frequently asked questions. All with the ambition to shape and sharpen it over time.

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