On events, conferences & trade shows


Giveaways, goodies, handouts

Are all crap, result in fake results, and make you loose your focus. Sure, your booth looks popular if people are standing in line to drop their business card in your fishbowl and get a fancy charger in return. But are that really the people that will buy your product? If the giveaway drives traffic, you are having the wrong kind of traffic. Yes, you can be proud of the amount of “generated leads”, but this will result in zero business. People don’t buy your enterprise software offering for $$$ because they love your pen, or because their kid likes to play with the fluffy toy you handed out. “But the email list!” NO! You can run lengthy drip campaigns on the new email addresses, but if they came to you for the goodie, they did not come to you for your offering, your messaging, or your vision.