On naming your startup / company / app

  • Is the .com tld domain name available? Or can you buy it when you have some money raised?
    • Backup solution: ‘getYOURNAME.com’ / YOURNAMEapp.com
    • Backup of the backup solution: use the get.io tld
  • If you would say the name in a phone call, or air a radio commercial (although podcasts are the thing nowadays), would people know how to type it into their browser window?
  • If it is multiple words, is it clear where the space is? Can it be miss-read as something else?
  • Google it! Is the term/word already being used as a startup/company/app name? Has it a lot of results? Are you able to beat them with SEO in the near future?
  • Are the preferred social media handles available? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram?

Useful websites to find available domain names: